Shop for  watches online from different websites from the biggest names in the country including Casio, Fossil, Sonata, Fastrack, Timex, Titan, Citizen, Maxima, Daniel Klein, Ferrari and Provogue among dozens of other names  .

Classification of Watches

Watches can be classified on the basis of the type of display they have. This can sometimes dictate the kind of bezels, crowns and cases watches have. The display of watches can be broadly classified as Analog, Touch Screen Tactile, digital and hybrid.
Analog Watches
This is probably the oldest and most commonly found type of display on watches. This type of display would normally feature an hour hand, a minute hand and sometimes also a second hand. You would have come across this type of a display a lot of times during your childhood. This kind of a display can also be found on the Big Ben in London, England.
Digital Watches
This type of watch uses an LCD screen to display information such as the time, date and other functions. These watches are only available as quartz watches as they need to run on electric power.
Hybrid Watches
These watches have analogue and digital watch features. They normally have the analogue hour, minute and second-counter hands. Behind these hands would be a digital screen that displays other functions. A good example of this would be the Casio G-SHOCK GA-1000FC model. This watch displays time, date, world time, stopwatch, timer, etc digitally on the LCD. There are hybrid watches that also function as fitness trackers that can be paired to your smartphone.
Tactile Watches
These watches are built to tell time even without you looking at it. They are primarily used by people who are blind. Tactile watches sometimes feature two ball-bearings that rotate around the watch to mark the hour and minute.
Touch Screen Watches
Touch screens are featured on smartwatches that offer a lot of features. Touchscreen displays are easy to navigate. The various functions and features that are with the menu and sub-menus are accessed through the touch function. Touch screens are especially useful for this as you can access the menus quickly.

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